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april1985, the first mission for shuttle atlantis. this, of course, being their last. here at home, we know history is being made as well. we are live all morning long in manassas marking the 150th anniversary of the first major battle of the civil war. steve and tony are about to kick things off there. i will be joining them coming up in the next hour. knocks 5 morning news continues right now. fur -- fox 5 morning news continues right now. soy waking occupy this thursday morning, july 21 o'with a live look at the sun coming up over the manassas national battlefield. we'll give you a panoramic view this morning where on this day, 150 years ago of course the first real battle of the civil war took place. one single day that would dramatically change the view of americans at the time of just
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what the nation was getting into. we want to say good morning to you from nan as as, virginia. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm tony perkins coming to you live this morning from man as as as this city and this entire region prepare for a four-day commemmoration of the 150th anniversary of that battle. it all begins today. we'll be broad caving live from a site that has been transformed into what has been called camp manassas. that is what is behind us this morning. this is where visitors can get a little taste are experience a little bit of what it was like way back when in those days during the first days of battle. >> we are still a little ways away from the actual battlefield. it is just about five miles south of the actual battlefield but we'll be at the field newout the morning as well. the city has planned numerous events in and around manassas over the next four days and we'll show you many of those this morning. the national park service, which operates the battlefield also hosting a number of events
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including a commemmoration ceremony. that will be at 9:15 this morning. here is a live picture from the battlefield. sarah simmons will join us from the battlefield coming up in the next hour. a lot to bring you this morning. highlighting a number of places in manassas. tucker barnes with us this morning as well. not too far away at the manassas museum this morning. a lot of folks are talking about how hot it will be for all of these folks dressed in period attire from the 1860s. >> you got that right, steve. temperature out here already in the 80s. got a lot of humidity as well. i too am at the manassas museum. we have reenactors already up. i feel like i should be whispering because parts of the camp, people are still sleeping. we have a lot of exciting activities. lets he get right to the map and give you a weather forecast. we have an excessive heat warning for the entire area that goes into effect at newport today. that is in effect for tomorrow as well. we will have a lot of extreme heat across the region.
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high temperatures later today, upper 90s near 100. mix in the humidity, it will feel like 110 plus. this will be dangerous heat starting later this morning, early this afternoon. 81 at reagan national. 81 in annapolis. just not cooling off overnight. i can tell you with the sunrise here, already starting to warm up. man as a we are currently 75 degrees. we are not expecting more than a passing cloud or two today. should be bright sunshine. not what we want but a lot of sunshine expected for today and a lot of heat around here with our winds nice and light out of the south and west. high temperature about 100 degrees. that is right, 100. it will feel like 110 plus. there is your excessive heat warping that goes into effect at twelve noon. we'll toss to lauren demarco with the latest on traffic. >> stop waking people up. they have a big day ahead of them. be quiet out there. brandywine road at floral park road, still dealing with a
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wreck. they have requested a tow truck to come out to the scene. as you travel 95 southbound, to the left your screen, after dumfries, we've got reports of an overturned vehicle in the median. done appear to be causing too much in the way of delays. 355 shut down near the white splint mall because of a building fire -- near the white flint mall because of a building fire. 66 heavy in manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have some breaking news of a shooting in northern virginia this morning. we are told that fairfax county police shot and killed a suspect who was holding a gun. they ordered him to drop the gun but he refused. it happened on kendra way in centerville sometime after 1:00 this morning. we will have more details on that shooting later this hour. in springfield, the search
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continues for a man police say murdered his elderly far, 75- year-old gary hanson was found shot to death in his home on tuesday. police are not sure what led up to the shooting but are trying to locate his son, richard hanson. they believe he may be driving a 1998 green saturn with virginia tags. if you have any information about this case, police want you to give them a call. less a head back out now to steve and tony. they are in manassas this morning talking about all the big events marking the 150 aight oafs of the battle of manassas. -- 150th anniversary of the battle of manassas. activity is already under way here for the four-day commemmoration of battle of manassas. that is what folks in the south refer to this battle as. most people in the north refer to it as the battle of bull run. bull run, for those of what you don't know, the small stream that union forces crossed at
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stone bridge and then attacked on confederate forces. union soldiers also called federals marched in from centerville where they had been staging. they starred staging there on july 18th, 1861. now, the modern-day battlefield park sits just north of i-66. as steve said, about five miles from us with bull run as its border on the east and pageland lane on the west. at the point, 150 years ago today think fighting had already begun. the first shots are said to have been fired between 5:15 and 5:30 in the morning, steve. >> here is a will go history about the battle itself. we'll give you the really short version here. confederate forces were trying to hold this particular area because of the value of the railroad junction in manassas and they were able to do that. the union forces eventually retreated from henry hill around 4:00 in the afternoon afternoon the fighting started. the union force went back through fairfax county, retreed back to wash, d.c. the national park service estimates more
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than 06,000 soldiers engaged in battle that day. 28,000 on the union side, 32,000 for the confederates. the battle wads nope for the casualties, the most at this point of war. the casualties added up to about 5,000 dead and wounded when you combine the casualties on both side. we'll be talking to some of the best civil war historians around. we will also learn about the who's who of the civil war, of generals, generals who were involved and others. we'll see some amacing reenactments. that is one of the biggest deals when it comes to this type of event. there are some 2,000 reenactors that will be taking part in these events. we'll learn why they do what they do. if you are not part of that culture, a lot of people wonder what is that all about. there are many, many things. we'll talk to them about what they plan to do about the
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extreme heat. >> a lot of these reenactors are hard core. they do exactly as they would have done 150 years ago. some of them sleeping on the ground or in tents because that what is they did back in the 1850's. this is 150 years after the battle of manassas. more on fox 5 morning news right after this. i w@
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soy a warning from homeland security about potential threats targeting facility in the united states. a u.s. official said security issues involving use till have been on the radar for a long time. the demeanor says it is working with state and local officials including use till companies to better prepare in case of an attack. lets atalk about money now
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and the debate over fixing the debt. a bipartisan plan is emerging from the senate by the so- called gang of six. republicans have to accept some tax increases but they dope have much time. the clock is sticking toward an august 2nd deadline of a possible default on u.s. debt. british prime minister david cameron is the latest high profile name to get grilled by particle machine about the phone hacking scandal involving the now defunct news of the world. during yesterday's questioning, cameron tried to distance himself from sandy c. on almost so inform. he worked as cameron's communications chief. he is one of 10 people arrested in connection with the phone hacking allegation and news of the world was owned by news corp. which is the parment company of fox 5. also making headlines, a big even happening in manassas ore the next few weeks as the nation marks the 150th anniversary of the first major battle of the civil war.
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we'll check back in with tony and steve when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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welcome back. 81degrees in washington, d.c. you are looking at live pictures of manassas, virginia this morning and we are marking the 1 otherth anniversary of the first battle of manassas. >> this is an event that they've been planning for for years out here. as you know, there are numerous commemmorations that have gone on over the years. we'll talk about a famous one coming up in a little bit. they are getting ready for a afour-day commemmoration. it all kicks off this morning. we'll show that to you new the course of the morning. >> we want to welcome another member of our broadcast team. who is in young fellow joining
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us. this is none other than young paul rafael. >> i am going to learn everything there is about living and camping. are you dressed as a reporter would have been in that time? >> i didn't want to choose sides so we decided to go the safe route and i am dressed exactly how the reporter would have dressed. the sharp hat, the bow tie, and boots. we'll learn about the gas balloon which is something everyone can come and see. kind of the equivalent of a hot air balloon. another thing to learn about is how they treated the soldiers when they got hurt, and tyesha i can't, amputation, even embalming. so that is another thing we'll be doing and learning the camp life, how did they cook, what did they cook. >> we have a cooking place here. we hear this will be the big breakfast hot spot.
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they are camped out here much as they would have done 150 years ago. >> we look forward for a full report. you look great. >> thank you. >> let's find on the how this day is shaping up. hey, tucker. >> temperatures later today, 100-plus. i don't know how these guys will be able to handle. it i am in the living encampment here. i am with some officers here. captain buford and colonel sherman. thins will be heating up here and for you at home as well over the next several hours. let's get to this headline. the headline is mercury rising. there you go. high temperature, 100 plus later today. that will be the actual air temperature but you mix in the huge, it will feel like 105 to 115. we have an excessive heat warping in effect starting at noon today.
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temperature at reagan national, 81 degrees. that is the humidity. 85%. dew point temperatures running in the 70s. that is very uncomfortable. it will be uncomfortable throughout the day. winds out of the south at five miles per hour. i mentioned the excessive heat warning. it is in effect starting at 12:00 noon. all the counties you see there in red. we are under that heat warning in manassas as well. forecast high about 100 degrees. i will have plenty more from out here in manassas. we'll do a muskrat fire here. let's do some traffic with lauren demarco. >> you kill find slow traffic on 66 and things do improve but you are on the brakes again through centerville and leaving route 50. 207 slowing out of hyattstown. no accidents are incidents reported for you p we have been dealing with the problem on
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wheaton. water main break on georgia avenue. georgia remains closed southbound south of randolph road. the northbound lanes are open. southbound closed, think about your alternates. let's head out to trafficland and see what we've got working there. we were dealing with this incident. southbound 95 at dumfries. accident on the left shoulder. northbound looks okay through dumfries but we do have delays further north heading as cro the occoquan and then again through newington. here we are, 355 near the white flint mall where there has been a fire across the street in a building. southbound 355 is blocked. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> all right. coleing up next, we have a look at the morning headlines. stay with us.
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sy the cost of the cull less metrorail extension is shrinking. they agreed for build a less expensive above ground staying
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at dulles airport. the new plan will cut costs by a billion dollars. not everyone is on board. some people still want to keep the underground station as an option. >> wave been approached by several companies saying hey, what if we not only build but we finance. >> despite the compromise being a new agreement still has to be worked out in the next few weeks before the board takes a final vote. fox 5 is monitoring more. police are stepping up patrols at metro parking lots after a rash of vehicle break-ins. -- fox 5 is monday monitoring metro. these are usually looking for gps device, computers, electronics and money. we need your help monitoring metro. send accepted your news tips, videos or photos to fox 5 metro at g
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fox 5 morning news is live in manassas today as the nation prepares to mark a major moment in history. tony and steve are there live with a look ahead. >> it is one of the most significant moments in u.s. history, the real beginning of the civil war, the first battle of manassas or the battle of bull run taking place here 150 years ago. >> one that certainly changes the scope and strategy of the war. there are so many reenactors here. we'll talk with somebody who not only helped to coordinate this and is one of the leading historians of the civil war. >> stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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the sun now starring to rise over the stone wall jackson memorial. we are looking at the sun rising in front of of us just a few mile way from the historic battlefield. >> july 21, 186 1-rbg the first battle of machine as as or the battle of bull run marked a turning point in american history. that event will be commemmorated over the next four day across manassas and the region. we are going to preview much of that for you during the next few hours. >> it is one of these things that has been in our backyard for so long and so many of you may not know anything about it or may node a refresher course. we'll try to do that throughout the morning. i will say the more i learned about this, the more i realized i had forgotten and had not nope in the first place and the more fascinating this battle
6:30 am
became. the fact that the entire battle took place in just one day. >> i had a history teacher in high school who was a big civil war buff so we learned a lot about the war back then. it is in our back ideas. it is living history in many ways. we'll show that to you. with the talk to the gentleman in champ of the reenactments and find out how they do that. >> we'll talk mow about our specific location, camp manassas. that will be coming up in just a few minutes. another big story is the heat. awful these folks, rean actors who are dressed in these nice, cool, wool uniforms of the day, no underarmor back then, no heat wicking technology, just plain old heat. we'll check in with towns right down the street from us -- we'll check in with tucker barnes right down the street
6:31 am
from us. >> we want to talk about the extreme heat across the region. reagan national not cooling off overnight. temperatures overnight in the low 80s. 81 at reagan national. excessive heat warping goes into effect at noon. actual air temperature about 100 degrees. mick in the humidity and it will feel like 110 plus. extra precautions, bring in the animals because today is one of the worst days we've had so far this summer. 100 on saturday. no relief from this heat we've any time soon. i'm joined now by bill from the potomac army. i crossed over the potomac and i'm now in the confederacy camp. you've been warming up the musket. >> yes, sir. >> tell me about it. >> we have and 1853 infield rifle musket. it was impoured from england by both side, very widely used weapon. very accurate up to about 800 yards. >> you show me how it works.
6:32 am
>> i sure will. >> take it away, bill. >> clear the old one, bring it down. >> all right. so you can he soo he is loading things up here and we are ready for action. take it easy on me, bill. let! if that didn't wake you up, i don't know what will. we've got more from the manassas museum coming up in just a few minutes. let's get some traffic with law endemarco. >> he have been following this incident as you travel southbound georgia avenue in montgomery county. things still blocked at randolph road because of a watt main break. you want to try to take 29 colesville road on connecticut avenue as alternates.
6:33 am
the northbound lanes of join open. let's head out to trafficland to see what else is going on on our major highways. 355 near white flint looks like they have reopened the road. southbound was blocked because of a structure fire but it looks like that has been reopened. northbound 395, delays now from the beltway up past edsall road. we had some slow traffic inbound 295 approaching kenilworth avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> we have some breaking news of a shooting in northern vince this morning. with told that the fairfax county police shot and killed a suspect who was holding a gun. they ordered him to drop the begun gun but he refused. it happened on kendra way in centreville sometime after 1:00 this morning. we'll have more details throughout the morning about that shooting. a man suspected of murdering his open father is on the run this morning. 75-year-old gary hanson was found shot to death in his springfield home on tuesday. since sthep, police have been
6:34 am
trying to location his son richard hanson. they believe he may be driving a 1998 green saturn with virginia tags. nasa's 30-year shuttle program has come to an end. atlantis touched down in florida just over a half our ago at 5:57 a.m. the 135th flight in shuttle history. hundreds showed up to welcome atlantis and its crew home. atlantis will remain at kennedy space center in retirement as a museum display. the grand finale comes 50 years to the day that gus grissom became the second american in space aboard liberty bell seven. as the nation's debt dilemma drags organization the senate is taking i'm house plan known as cut, cap and balance. decembers are exched to kill the measure objecting to the proposed medicare cuts. meanwhile, the white house says president obama may back a short-term deal to allow more time to a broader plan to be
6:35 am
put in place. there is history everywhere you look around here but some place stand out from others. that is especially true in manassas right now. lets ahe go back out live to tony and steve in manassas. >> thank you so very much. we are actually here at camp manassas which has been set occupy ground of jenny dean elementary school in prince william street. jenny dean was a former slave who fought hard to cry ate what was at the first time the first school for african-american children. >> a lot of what has been planned for today and for the next four days as a matter of fact for the visitors to see here and throughout the city comes from the experience of our next guest. don warlick is the reenactment director for camp manassas. thank you for joining us. >> glad to have you folks. >> let me start with the first question. if folks aren't a part of this
6:36 am
culture and aren't so big on their civil war history and all that kind of stuff, one of questions people always act is the reenacting. >> there is a lot of ropes folks do it. some of it is to honor the ancestors and some of it is to recreate what history did and try to teach what is not being caught in the school system today. when you look around with our heritage, we are using a lot of things that are real valuable in our society. some of guys are real keen on trying to recreate that. we are marking the 150th anniversary of this battle. what was it about this particular battle that was so important. it was the first one and it was the beginning of a long ordeal that everybody thought was going to be short. a lot of senators and other
6:37 am
folks came out and with their carpets and their picnics and their carriages to watch the big event. >> i spectator event. >> it was like going to a major league football game or something. thought it was going to be a one-shot deal and be gone and go on home. it turned out to be a long ordeal and war is never pretty. the first thing they learned is that this was going to be ugly. >> really, that first day and certainly this battle set the phone for the rest of the civil war. you do want know how many of our viewers are aware that the confederates won this battle. number of dead and injured was staggering over the period of the four days. >> we had 6,000 to 8,000 cash also. there was a lot of slaughter in this battle and a lot of deaths. and the old nap old yopic
6:38 am
tactics that everybody was so proud of proved to be a slaughter. it is a big change and world war i came along and some of of the things they learned in the sill war were brought out to the front. >> antietam hadn't happened yet so this was a big battle. they weren't ready for the scope of things? >> i think you go back to the technology of the weapons and you got the smooth bore and the flintlock, very unpredictable and didn't fire all the time. a little moisture with the powder, didn't fire at all t took 100 guys to hit a barn door. when you put a rifle in the barrel, they shoot straight. you are still in the column. you are still out in the line, still hooting like that and you are easy targets. so it made the slaughter a lot worse. >> you got a lot of soldiers coming from washington, these were not career soldiers. >> some were 09-day recruits. that is one rent though pushed
6:39 am
manassas to get it started. they were afraid a lot of guys would go home before they got to use them and they wouldn't have an army at all. the confederates would walk right into washington, d.c. they were trying to push things and negotiate are side was actually ready for this as far as training and technique. it was kind of a hodgepodge group thrown together a lot of the uniforms were militia uniforms from the local communities much like today and that is the reason a lot of northerners were wearing gray uniform. >> how many reenactors will you have here over course of the weekend. >> we'll have close to 500. >> all right. and you're in charge of all of that. >> i'm just working with the reenactors trying to get them here and get things done. you don't know who is in charge of who sometimes. i think parents will enjoy bringing their kids out. it is a lot better seeing and
6:40 am
touching and smelling that be it is reading about it. >> le with tell folks at home to you to come out here and take advantage of this and see and embrace and live through a little bit of history. >> stay with us, fox 5 morning news will return. what
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we are taking a live look at the battlefield this morning on this thursday morning marking 150 years since the first battle of manassas or battle of bull run. it is going to be a hot one today. 75degrees right here in manassas. a little bit warmer in d.c. and tony, i believe and tucker will help us out with this in a few minutes. i believe the temperature was about this in the 80s or so on that day 150 years >> i believe that is correct. >> not nearly the 100-degree we'll see here today. >> no, they had another very
6:44 am
hot day when they were marking the 100th anniversary of this battle in 1961. they had a huge reenactment on that day and it was particularly hot that day as well. they had some problems during that. we'll talk a little bit about the history of that celebration. we have people here who are with us this morning who were there at that event. we'll talk to them as well. one of another things that is fascinating, we were just talking to don even after we finished the interview and we were talking about the authentic the rifles and the guns and that type of thing that they are using here that many people have brought with them for the reenactors. >> there were some people who came by with an authentic cannon. it is a chance to people to learn about the history by being able to see it and talk to some of these people and we have horses behind us. we have tents set up, everything that would have been
6:45 am
done as it was back if the civil war days. >> there is a lot to talk about. in the mime, we -- in the meantime, we go to tucker barnes who has information about what the weather was like back then and he has the forecast for us today. it will be a lot hotter today. >> good morning. temperature already rising. sun up in the sky about 45 minutes ago and it will be a hot one today. no doubt about t high temperature expected to be about 100 degrees with a heat index approaching 110 to 115, something we haven't done in a very, very long time here in the washington area. let's get to the maps. i want to start with the head line. it is all about the excessive heat. the thermometer will be on the run later today. our temperature currently in the 1r0. later today, they'll top out near 100 as mentioned. -- our temperature currently in the 80s. bring in the animals. at reagan national, we are 81
6:46 am
degrees. our overnight low, 81-degree. you-- our overnight low, 81 degrees. dulles, 76 and winchester, 73678 here is your excessive heat warping. this is a graduated version of heat advisory. the entire area is under the excessive heat warping that goes into effect at newport through 8:00 tonight and will be in effect again tomorrow from noon until 8:00. be ready for that. this is the most serious heat advisory that the national weather service issues. your satellite-radar, yeah, you can see there is not a lot going on out there. very quiet conditions. we are not expecting any relief in the form of thunderstorm activity later today. looks like we'll have quiet conditions around here. might be a thunderstorm tomorrow. i think the worst of the heat gets in here tomorrow as that high pressure moves in from the west. here is your five-day forecast. the temperature is 100 degrees
6:47 am
later today. i'm live at manassas museum and i continue to just be mazed at what is going on here. we've got -- i've got a couple of guests here i want to do a very special ask the weather guys. okay. i don't know if we have any music or not. i'm going to trust we do. thank you. that is the fine segment where tony perkins and i put our famously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question is weather- related. it is all about weather conditions during the battle back in 1861 and i had my crack team of researchers, interns, do a little westchester research. there are no official records back in 1861 so we have to gather from the log, from the folklore of the day what transpired that day. but best i can tell you, it looks like temperatures the day of battle were in the low 90s. reports of a lot of humidity. no reports of any of the wagons being covered in mud or any of the horses having mud. at assumption was there wasn't
6:48 am
a lot rain in the few days leading up to the battle. just your typical summertime fare. in 1961, they had the 100 year reenactment. the high temperature was approaching 100 degrees. people had reports of being a little dehydrated and not doing too well. so here we go again. 150-year anniversary appear this you go. there are some live pictures of your reenactment. you can see. look at the crowds there. they held that on national park service land. the national park service learned an important lesson and will no longer allow it on national park service lapped. i'm joined by two reenactors. we want to talk about the heat and how you will stay cool. what is your name. >> hannah. >> tell me about your outfit. this would be typical of something a woman might wear
6:49 am
back in the mid 1860s. >> it is typical for a teenager. >> how are you going to stay cool? are you going to sheet a little bit. >> absolutely not. >> water out of a canteen. >> cup. >> that's it. >> is there any mechanism to sort of fan yourself off. >> get a lot of air flow under the hoop. >> do you? we have to hear more about that late are. i have her mom here and your name is? >> chris. >> you have a very impressive outfit. >> this is typical with about 10 lays are underkneeing for support. >> i hear you guys hand stitched these yourself. >> yes. >> and just give me an idea how long this might take for you to do. >> it depends on the complexity of the design. it takes about two weeks. >> would it be typical for a woman to have more than one
6:50 am
dress. >> it depended on your social status and women of means would have more than one dress. sometimes they would dress at least three times a day in different dresses. >> wow. i want you both to stay cool, lots of water. i give you permission if you have to cheat a little bit because temperatures will be so hot. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> that was ask the weather guy. let's get to traffic with lauren demarco. >> we've got delays at suitland partner way because of work going on there. the situation we were dealing with southbound 355 in rockville near the white splint mall, that has been taken care of. your lanes are open. let's take a look at an issue that we were also dealing with in montgomery county as you travel in wheaton. we had a water main break, georgia avenue making the trip southbound. you will still find that your lanes are blocked at randolph
6:51 am
road. this could be the case into the afternoon. crews are working to fix the situation there. northbound georgia avenue, you can get by from arcola past randolph, you are in good shape. if you are headed southbound be, you want to think about alternate routes. let's head you lets-- let's head out to traffic land now. outer loop of the beltway not looking too bad right now to the left of your screen as you head from silver spring into bethesda. watch for voluming about as you head into the morning. inner loop as you head past braddock road, we are heavy and slow. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you guys. >> here at camp manassas, as we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the start of the civil war for all intents and purposes. >> it was a battle that changed the scope of the focus ever the war and let people know this would be much longer and uglier than a lot of people expected that it would be.
6:52 am
we are at camp manassas where there are a lot of reenactors that will be here through the weekend. as far as tony and myself, the polo shirt was not invested back in 1861 we know. in case you are curious as to what a reporter may have worn. >> paul is dressed as a reporter might have been. >> they took about 1500 hours for planning and constructing to put this together. it will be open all weekend. you can see how they did some medical treatments to the soldiers when they were injured and also you can check out what they were calling the gas balloon. and the chief aeronaut joins me. talk about this gas balloon. >> thaddeus lowe was one of
6:53 am
three balloon pilots that offered his services to the army of the potomac. the challenge was the military didn't know how to use it. so they were civilian contractors. thaddeus low became the chief aeronaut after making a trip up to 500 feet and said this is what i can see in a telegraph, the very first air to ground telegraph to president lincoln. >> tell us about what it is made of. >> this is a 1941 navy trainer. it is 1,000 cubic feet. it is a air-worthy gas balloon and it is about the same size as one of lowe's balloons. he had 15,000, 20,000 up to 32,000 cubic feet. >> it is described as a gas
6:54 am
balloon. why that is. >> a hot air balloon is one that uses fire to make it rise. the south was the only military to use a fire balloon during the civil war because they didn't have an aeronaut and all they knew was hot air rises. >> so what gas do they use for this? >> they use cold gas an initially filled at the gasworks and hand carried the balloons out to the field. >> you were taling me that is why they were not able to to use it during this battle. >> job weiss was ordered to bring his balloon out because he had untrained crew. they didn't have highway 66 it is tough to drag through the woods. it wasn't air worthy, got here a day late. it made it a challenge. thaddeus lowe then invented the portable hydrogen generators which you see behind me where
6:55 am
he is able to use iron shavings and sulphuric acid to create hydrogen on site. that enabled the north for make over 3,000 ascensions with different balloons. >> thank you for joining me today. very fascinating tough. we'll be checking out some new different parts of the camp later today including some of the medical things so stick with us. fox 5 morning news continues after the break. 
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our facebook fan of the day, chris plans to come out and join everyone ott the battlefield this morn -- out at the battlefield.
6:59 am
that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now back to steve and tony live at monassis where history is being made. >> thank you tony and i will be out here all morning long with everyone. the battle of bull run if you grew up in the north you may have learned of it that way we will be live all morning long learning about the battle and how the town itself will commemorate this birthday. >> another historic moment earlier this morning the space shuttle era comes to an end space shuttle atlantis returned home chef >> speaking of battle today we are all going to be engulfed in one as we battle the brutal heat, another score which are as temperatures continue to rise, and we push 100 degrees. fox 5 morning

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